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Corset/Bodice Styles and Body Types

Corset and Bodice Styles

Each of my styles will fit your body type in a different way. My corsets and bodices are meant to enhance and accent your natural shape, they are not meant to change the shape you have. Choosing a style for you depends on what your natural shape is and what you want to be accented the most.

My corsets are all made of heavy-duty fabrics, they are lined with heavy cotton and both front and lining are fused with a heavy-duty interfacing for added strength and stability. All of the corsets and bodices have strategically placed ½ inch wide steel boning. The boning is a combination of spring steel, spiral steel and an extra thick unbendable flat steel.


Classic Bodice:

The classic bodice fits a wide array of body types, it is the most versatile style that I make. This style is the ultimate cleavage creator, it has the best support for busts small, large and exceptionally large. It is cut longer in the front with a V point and shorter in the back, so it does not bind the hips/rear end. This style looks amazing laced open at the top and closed at the bottom to create the classic Elizabethan V. It also works great with a stomacher if you want to have an 18th century look or if you just do not prefer to show your chemise. I have yet to see a body type that does not work well in this style. I love it on larger sizes, on curvy hourglass figures, straight bodies etc. This is always the style I go for when someone says they want to faceplant in their own bosom or if someone complains that they have no cleavage at all.

Under Bust Corset:

This modern style corset is great if you want to wear a bra with your outfit or if you like to layer with a cropped bodice. Being an under bust corset it only gives a small amount of lift to the girls. Its main power is accenting a great behind or hourglass shape. I prefer this style on people that already have a slight hourglass shape or a curvy body.

Cropped Bodice:

The cropped bodice is wonderful for many reasons, you can layer it with an under bust corset, over a strapless over bust corset to give a little more support, or you can wear it without a corset to show off abs or allow for a growing baby. It is based off my fairytale bodice style but cut shorter just below the bust. This style fits all body types.

Over bust Corset:

The over bust corset is meant to accent an hourglass shape. It can be worn with straps for added support and cleavage. This is considered a long line corset because it follows the shape of the hips. I prefer this style on people that already possess a curvy or hourglass shape. It really accents a small waist, the bust, and the line of the hips.

Fairytale Bodice:

The fairytale bodice is great on many body types. It is one of the most comfortable style because it is shaped more like a vest than a corset. It comfortably accents the waist, bust, and hips. It does create cleavage and is supportive for large busts. It looks great on all body types, curvy, hourglass, straight, sizes large and small.


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